Centurion LLC was formed in 2005 as a distribution of FMCG (household products).
It was separated out of Diplomat Holding when the founders decided to develop and expand the field of household goods distribution.

Major country of supply was Russia, after there appeared many other sources of importing goods such as Germany, Poland, Ukraine.
Now our company establishes a partnering relation with different countries and manufacturers.

Warehousing area is about 1,000 sq. m. located in the huge logistics' centre with full infrastructure of railroad and trucks unloading mechanisms.

In our company we do qualitative presale operations in all categories A, B, C shops or even in Open market;

We have loyal sub-dealers in Batumi, Kutaisi, Zugdidi .

In our office we have two shifts of operators and accountant’s assistants; the evening shift inputs orders from the presale and prints out invoices for next morning;
Our staff is small and we work as a team.

Trade-marks We Represent In Georgia